Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Days 20 & 21

I am thankful for electricity and hot water. 

Electricity first.  Functioning without my cell phone, or television, even possibly (for short periods of time) my laptop...all doable.  But without electricity, not a chance.

Little power glitches can be fun.  Everything goes quiet, work is temporarily suspended, and our entertainment takes on a simpler time.  Maybe the knitting comes out or a good game of scrabble.

If you live in town you'll still have water.  We happen to be on a well, which means no electricity equals no water.  No water equals no toilet, no coffee, no shower.

No shower, that leads to my thankfulness for hot water.  Another very important thing that electricity provides (in our case).  It's the little things that make life pleasant and among 'things', electricity is one of the best.

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