Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We're on our own!

Yes, It's hunting season.  All of our men left last Saturday so they could get a decent camp spot and be scouting the elk until opening day, which is tomorrow.  Ratchet and I are "home alone", so to speak.

Seeing as how Ratchet really is Scott's dog I'm happy to day I've survived the last three days pretty well.  We've gone on some super long walks and I've found my man voice. The nail trimming and bath time even went ok.  All that to say, I'll be really glad when my guy is home again.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Silver Falls Retreat - 2011

I've had an amazing week, when is it not wonderful to spend time with friends, eating delicious food and having time to sew on all the projects you've wanted to have time to work on.

The Silver Falls Conference Center is a wonderful facility and the staff are extremely accommodating.  The dining hall serves the most delicious meals.
 So, no pictures of the ladies sitting around in jammies for the evening but here is a peak at our snacks!

 Leola and DeAnna were looking over some projects being shared.  My projects in the back corner (strippy quilt and hourglass block quilt).  The Wedding Star is a quilt I made way way back (when I was still hand quilting).  It belongs to my sister, JoAnn, now and she brought it to share.
 Michele's white pumpkins turned out so great!  I had just finished quilting it before retreat.

 Many areas to hike and take photos around the park.  I think the leaves were just beginning to turn this week.
 It's a fair walk over to the cabins from the meeting hall and dining hall but nothing bad as long as you have an umbrella.
 More beauty to behold.

 The meeting hall is just roomy enough for twenty four industrious quilters.
My first two projects.  Finished the strippy on Monday and the hourglass on Tuesday.  Experimented with some other projects and techniques on Wednesday and then spent just a bit of time working on my hopscotch :)