Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 28

What an awesome Thanksgiving day it has been.  So the list of thankfulness begins.

Our son came with his three children Wednesday evening to spend a couple of nights and be with us all day today.  The kids stayed up really late last night, thankful they crashed early this evening.

These two precious girls are nearly five years old.  Natalie (left) has her birthday in December, Addisyn (right) in March.  They were both so excited to see each other, playing inside and out.  Thankful for the dry weather and the love of little cousins.
My turkey turned out moist, first time ever I think.  I'm thankful I splurged on the Butterball instead of making due with the Jenny-O.

I am thankful that Alyssa loves her big cousin, Alexis, and in return Alexis is gracious, kind and patient with her younger cuz.  Grandson, Jacob, was in a few of my photos but nothing I can post.  Picture a fourteen year old boy with headphones playing computer games.  Yep. 
I enjoyed, so much, having our children and their families here today. 
I am thankful (and a bit in awe) that other than turkey, a couple of dinner rolls, and juice we had NO leftovers.  Not dressing, not mashed potatoes, fruit, veggies, dessert...nothing!!  I'm not sure if I figured well or if they just quit when it ran out.  Oh! and I'm thankful for paper plates and plastic cups.  Made the day so much more pleasant (for me) not having to do major clean up. 
My little trip to Target yesterday turned out great.  I only have a couple of gifts left to find or finish making. 
Hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends.

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