Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Sewing

I started the month with great plans for making grand kiddo gifts.  I had great ideas for the girls, certainly I could just shop for the two boys and be done.  Well, the typical Star Wars stuff and I was done for them.

Next up, a ruffly purse for the oldest...I knew which fabric I wanted to use but trying to lay out the plan just didn't come together.  Having a pattern may have helped but I gave up before that and went to the store.  Found cool stuff, on sale....three down, three to go!

Little girls costume dresses!!  Natalie LOVES Snow White and Addisyn LOVES Tinkerbell...piece of cake!  Not so much.  I had planned to use fabric I had on hand but really, if they aren't shiny or sparkly princesses and fairies lose their appeal.   Back to the cool thing, one ok...nothing on sale (yikes)...five down, one to go!

So.  Middle grand girlie is getting an American Girl doll and she needs a wardrobe.  Knowing this several months ago I made a great find of Simplicity patterns for $1 each at Jo Ann Fabrics.  Easy, right?  Well, happy to say I persevered and only need to add one fancy dress at this point :)

Nothing more to shop for since dog surgery blew any budget for ourselves.  I did pick up a little something for my sweetie.  Nothing special but I know he'll enjoy it (yes, food related).

Poor Ratchet!

It's been an interesting few dog weeks.  Took Ratchet in to be neutered, rabies shot, license and such.  All went well.  The weather that week was especially cold and I couldn't bear to put him out in the kennel so I put a crate up in my shop so he could at least be warm and close by.

BIG MISTAKE!  Ratchet's middle name really should be Hoover (as in vacuum) because he sucks up anything he finds on the floor.  I never saw him get into anything.  A couple of days later he started vomiting and wouldn't/couldn't stop.  Murphy's law couldn't let it be during normal vet hours....NO! A Saturday morning trip to the emergency vet.  Ratchet had swallowed a straight pin and it perforated his stomach.  Surgery....brought him home the next day....along with plenty of meds.
Poor sweet puppy totally doped up and wearing the 'cone of shame'.  It's not the most wonderful accessory though it is useful if one wanted to be hit in the back of the knee or scoop gravel from the driveway during a potty walk.  He's done a great job in the last ten days of attempting to destroy it and we will both be happy when it comes off tomorrow when the sutures are removed.