Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's coming along nicely...

...if not for the deadline!!  Actually I think it's going well.  I have twelve of the fifteen center purple flowers ready to attach, which only leaves stamens and circles.  That shouldn't be too bad, right?  Oh, and borders.  They haven't been designed yet but I have ideas swirling in my head, most of them fairly simple.  I put this one on my schedule, it has to be ready for quilting by the second week of April and ready to deliver to Quilt Depot on the 20th (focus, focus, focus).  So many other new ideas keep intruding, distracting, begging for attention.  Not to be mistaken for other projects being worked on, these are completely new designing an applique of a close up view of barbed wire (random, ha?).  Back to work, just wanted to share my progress :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New project in the works!

This is it!  Isn't it great?  Now there are two reasons for starting this project.  The first, and most important, is that I am working on it together with a great friend.  It's a perfect excuse to be able to spend some fun times with her.  We'll both be blogging as we go so be sure to check out what Nancy has to share on her blog at Hen House Studio.  The second reason, an exercise for me to use only from my stash.  This quilt has twelve blocks, six pieced and six appliqued.  We have a goal of completing two blocks a month for the next six months.  My first two blocks are now completed.  The Spirit of Sacagawea seems especially suited to my attention, maybe because we live in the Pacific Northwest and have always been aware of the Oregon Trail and Lewis & Clark.  Be sure to check out the authors blog, it's really wonderful.  I love their new fabric collection called Indigo Crossing...gorgeous! 
 This block is called Shining Star.  Possibly more commonly referred to as a lone star.  The block was to measure 18 1/2", I'm considering myself fortunate that mine made it to 18".  My scant 1/4" is never scant enough.  I didn't have quite enough of this background so I pieced it before I cut the pieces.  Almost impossible to see my seams in the busy print.
Nancy chose our applique block for this month.  It is called Log Cabin.  We changed our dogs to reflect our own pets.  Our Ratchet is an English Pointer.  I can nearly picture the early explorers hunting for pheasants with one of his ancestors.  I decided to add embroidery to the bird where the pattern showed quilting lines.  Only thing I'm not completely pleased with is my cabin door.  I may still change it...what do you think?  and change it to what??