Monday, October 21, 2013

Sweet sadness

It's one of those sad times that has such a sweet joy connected that it's almost difficult to explain.  My friend, Patty, went home to heaven this weekend.  Patty was one of those special friends that are too rare.  She always spoke the truth, in love.  She always loved me even when she didn't agree with me.  She was absolutely passionate for the Word of God, completely sold out for Jesus.  That's why I will miss her so much.  I know without a doubt that she is in the presence of our LORD and I know that I will see her again.
I love you dear friend.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Week Off Requires Nap"

That's the headline that best describes my week.  I've spent the last month (or more) meeting deadline after deadline, big ones!  At the end of all that busyness was our annual quilt retreat at Silver Falls Conference center.
The weekend preceeding retreat we were hit with the remnants of a monsoon.  Unbelievable rain.  It knocked out the power at the conference center so we had a delay, fortunately only a few hours.

Craziness prevailed rather quickly.  This gorgeous Sue Spargo quilt made by Mary Ross was "embellished" with assorted scraps of fabric and blocks.  Food and company was awesome as usual.

Leola was working on this magnificent applique from a photo of her dog following a class with Charlotte Warr Anderson.  It's it the coolest thing?

Everyone was busy working!

Getting things done!

Close view of some crazy embellishing.  What had been a simple folk art bird became "crazy buck toothed donkey bird" 

I managed to sash three more blocks onto my Spirit of Sacagawea quilt AND complete two more pieced blocks.  Just one more applique block to go and I can finish it up.  "Somebody" added some blue embellishments to my horses block.  Thanks!
Home from retreat on Thursday and left for camping at the beach on Friday.  How many Safeway parking lots have ships in the background?  Absolutely gorgeous weather, couldn't have been better.
We camped at Ft. Stevens State Park.  The park is on the beach but the campground is a ways from the water.  Fortunately...beach access.  We were able to drive down to the beach and let the dog run.  He was in doggy heaven chasing seagulls and splashing in the surf.  Wore him out!
Ratchet is such a lovey boy.  A bit too large to join me on the seat in the camper but he was snuggly and wanted to see out the window.  Had a great time with our daughter and her family.  Campfires, s'mores, walks, sand. 
So about my title?  We came home earlier than normal, in fact we were home by noon.  Unpacked, cleaned the camper, did laundry, made lunch and then crashed.  A good long nap!!  Tomorrow, back to work.