Friday, March 29, 2013

Block #3 - Spirit of Sacagawea

Here is my third block of this project.  I like how it turned out and it's "right on" the size, go figure!  Anyone doing these blocks knows I did not stay true to the book and anyone who pieces had evidence that I am not a perfectionist.  I was short on the light background fabric, not just short for doing the outer triangles but even short for the inside ones.  I found a good substitute.  Still in all, it's finished and I like it...what else matters?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My lucky day!!

Oh my, I just have to share my good fortune.  At our guild meeting there is always a long table in the back of the room where people share what they no longer need.  The variety is incredible.  I'm always searching little bits of textural print scraps or pretty little 'flower garden' prints and such.  Today my sister, JoAnn, and I were searching through the mountain of cast aways (mind you, they are always adding more to the table).  Suddenly, JoAnn handed me a stack of blocks with a giant safety pin in the center.  Wow!  They are gorgeous.  I asked where she found them and she said they had just put them out.  Unbelievable, and I am the lucky keeper of these amazing blocks.
There are eleven in all. 
Lovely double pinks and madder browns.
Hand pieced and lovingly stored.  I do not have any idea who brought these to the table but I want to say THANK YOU!!! They are in grateful hands and will be loved and appreciated.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making ALL kinds of progress.

Four blocks done, twelve to go.  I absolutely love how this is turning out.  My little set back of the week...I had all the tiny purple dots (on the stamen of the orange stripe flowers) prepped, and Ratchet, my dear sweet not quite two year old pup, ATE them.  I found three but they were not usable.
I managed to get the door changed on my Spirit of Sacagawea cabin.  This is such an improvement.
One of the next blocks on this quilt is called "Baby Baskets".  I drew out a paper foundation of the block border and had to try it out to see how it would work...much better than my piecing skills.
Neat and tidy would be the word of the day (for this end of my studio).   In major need of spring cleaning but wanting to wait until I could get help moving my desktop computer.  Well, help arrived.  It wasn't really in my plan for last weekend but I never turn down assistance.  More pictures when the rest of the mess is taken care of.  Have a good week!