Monday, July 14, 2014

Hot off the press, iron pressing that is!

Yay!! Just completed round #6 of my Camelot quilt.  This one was pretty simple so it went relatively quickly.

I changed the center by fussy cutting a flower rather than piecing a circle of four quarters.  

In looking at all I have so far I really need to veer a little more toward the green and orange side and limit my purples until I have more balance.  I love my little kitties in the outer ring.  

Here are all of the rounds I've completed..

This is a great way to get a feel for color and value choices that need to be made in future rounds.

Fun times!!  Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sewing for the grands!!

My spare time these past couple of weeks has been spent working up these three dresses for two of my granddaughters.
The pattern for the Feliz dress can be found in the 2010 book Sewing Clothes Kids Love, still available on Amazon or through studio TANTRUM.

My daughter saw the dress on Etsy back in 2010 and asked that I would make a couple of dresses for each of her girls, then size 18m-2T and size 4.  That went well and they both loved their twirly fun dresses.  Four dresses down.

Then to be fair I had to make another for our youngest granddaughter.  That makes five.

Next thing I know oldest girly (age 11 at the time) secretly wishes she could twirl like the littles and I've completed six.

The much loved dresses were quickly outgrown, handed down and new dresses in the next larger size were made to replace the gap left.  I would have never imagined how much they would cherish these fun festive summer dresses.  This spring there was a meltdown as the discovery was made that there wasn't a fitting Feliz in the entire collection of eight dresses.

One, two, three shift.  The handing down and replacing continues and these are now dress #9, #10 and #11.

Today the girls were here to get their new dresses (sizes 8 and 10) and the twirling and giggling began again.

It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for rocking on the porch, playing with the dog and only thinking about playing in the sprinklers.

This is the precious girl who was heartbroken to be without her favorite dresses.  She's a girly girl, preferring dresses over anything else.

Oh! To be young and have a twirly dress.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Woodrow Wilson Quilt

This is a quilt that I just finished up last week.  The pattern came from the Woodrow Wilson museum in Pennsylvania.  It is a replica of a quilt that was in Wilson's birthplace home.  Quilts made from the pattern are then registered with the museum.  My friend, Gayle, made this beauty. Her piecing is impeccable.  Here are a few of the details I added to her magnificent work.

The Washington Monument

Supreme Court 

National Cathedral 

Woodrow Wilson 

White House 

US Capitol 

We The People 

Lovely view 

Always a bunny on Gayle's quilts 

Another view 

Gayle and I were both very pleased with how this quilt turned out.

Happy quilting, Laurel.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Round #5

Just finished the fifth round of my Camelot quilt.  It's slow going, finding time to hand piece isn't easy.  I can hardly believe I only have eleven to go.  Some of them look pretty simple, others, not so much.
As usual, I'm having those "what would I have done differently" conversations with myself.  I'm happy enough with it to be moving on to round six.  The light fabric in the center was a gift from my friend, Nancy.  I call it Toto fabric, not because that's the fabric line but because one of the little motifs in the print looks like it says toto.  I know, just my own little quirky brain at work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Round #4

This is Round #4 of the Camelot quilt.  As usual, I questioned my fabric choices the whole way through.  Hear the debate in my head:  The gray speckle doesn't have enough contrast...arrghh, I can't believe I tried to fussy cut that bargello print, what was the point? what was I thinking?...and it goes on and on
But guess what??
I really like this round (can't call it a "block" just yet).

Does anyone else have these internal struggles with their fabric selections?  I can't believe I'm alone.

So, here is Round #5, templates made, pieces cut out and first section machine stitched together.  I will be back to hand piecing the rest of it.  I was thinking it would be faster, easier....WRONG!!

At least for me, hand piecing is so much more pleasurable and accurate.  So, at this point I still am happy with my color, contrast, balance of fabric choices here.  I will second guess it before I finish and then love it again when I'm finished....because that's just how it goes.

Happy quilting...Laurel

Monday, May 26, 2014

June's Awesome Beauty!

Yes, it is still May, but this is the amazing red work "Winter Wonderland" quilt brought to me by June Jones that is now complete.  I had so much fun just feather doodling to fill in the open white spaces.

June does beautiful work.  The red work and the piecing were both exquisite.

Closer view:  Just had to fit a few feathers in with the embroidery to tie it all together

This is the second "Winter Wonderland" quilt I've done.  They were each different in the quilting design (though not hugely different) and both beautiful.  I am so pleased with how this one turned out.

It's been a wonderful Memorial Day weekend at home.  My sister and I decorated the cemeteries on Wednesday, family here on Saturday and Sunday.  We so appreciate the service of our military members.

Happy beginning of summer...I hope it brings joy and laughter, great adventures and memories for you all. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Gwen's lovely quilt!

I just received a picture of Gwen Christensen's lovely quilt.  She worked on the needle turn applique for a year or more.  It was such a pleasure to quilt it for her.  The quilting doesn't show up so much in this photo, which is as it should be.  The applique is really the star in this beauty.  Thank you, Gwen, for the privilege of adding to your beautiful work.