Thursday, May 30, 2013

Too much fun!

It started out as an exercise to get more comfortable with a different machine but it turned out really cool and I had such a good time.  So here's how I did it:

1.  Enlarged a page from one of my Dover books to fit but not exceed 18x22 (fat quarter size)

2.  On the light box, traced the enlargement using a brown Micron pigma pen.

3.  Traced one of the flowers onto a printed piece of fabric, trimmed around the outside lines and fused it on top of the appropriate spot.

4.  Loaded it on the long arm (not mine) and stitched out the design in brown (spiced tea, actually)...elapsed time, about 10 minutes.  Then stitched out the background and accents in another color.

5.  Done!!  I can't wait to do another one.  So many possibilities, limitless really.


Monday, May 27, 2013

A little free time...

What an awesome weekend...I am so tired!!  Our son and his three children arrived Friday evening, just in time for pizza.  My oldest granddaughter, Alexis (14), joined me Saturday morning for the annual trek to the cemeteries.  My parents, grandparents and father-in-law all passed away before she was born.  At each stop we had the opportunity to talk about what kind of people they were, how they impacted us, and funny stories and memories.  She had great questions and we had some good laughs...especially when she asked why there was only one date on the headstone for her great grandma when everyone else had two....think about it!

Kiddos these days are so into their phones and computers.  Needless to say, Jacob and Alexis were not thrilled when I brought out the dominoes.  Less than half way through the twelve rounds of Mexican Train they were into it.  Probably they were humoring me at first but I know they will have fond memories of the weekend.  Do any of us remember the joy of surfing the web or playing a video game?  I think not.

I managed a little free time (while they were occupied with Grandpa, doing yard work) to add some sashing to my Spirit of Sacagawea blocks.  I took a picture with my phone.  It isn't a smart phone and I'm not smart technically so it won't be shared here until I take my camera down to the studio....but I think the sashing looks great.

I also worked at adding a few things to our ages old rake and pitchfork.  I think these may have been our original garden tools of thirty years or more.  They both gave up the ghost this year and are now outdoor wall d├ęcor.  A little more to do here, just not sure what.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No excuses...

Quilt show is over, it was great!
I'm caught up on my quilting schedule.
Samples are finished for the class I'm teaching at Quilt Expo in September.
Quilt much fun...also over!

Back to the Spirit of Sacagawea blocks.  It's hard to believe we're nearly finished with eight of the twelve, time has gone so quickly.  Nancy has shared her beautiful blocks on her blog, I think they are absolutely wonderful, so cheery and bright...happy! 

So here are my Horses.  The photo is a little bland compared to 'real life'.  They'll look better once surrounded by sashing.  Still deciding what to use for that.  My stash might need some help :)

Finished my Mariner Compass block today.  Evidently I haven't taken a picture of my Crossed Canoes's just two colors, brown and tan, not highly exciting.
Our sweet boy, Ratchet, turns two this week.  Happy birthday, buddy!