Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whirligig, nearly complete!

A little time available today to finish up my project and put it out in the yard.  A little breeze even gave it a slow spin.  I thought I was finished but after seeing the photos it definitely needs three more jello molds on the bottom ring to give it some visual weight. 
I'm rating it "not bad" for my first attempt and I'm excited about what the next one could be.  I have a box full of aluminum pans, utensils, and cups...add that to all the ideas in my head and it could turn out pretty cool.  We shall see!
It works!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Such a beautiful sunny day, it seems spring might really have arrived.  I've had a project in the works for many, many months.  A whirligig for my garden.  I have collected two bins of metal objects (pan lids, cups, tea pots and more).  Most of the items have been acquired from Goodwill but then as usual word-of-mouth spreads and the next thing you know everyone getting ready for a garage sale has things to give you (great fun!! and cheaper too).  One of my bins filled with copper cups, jello molds, colander, and even a great serving dish (chafing dish?).  

So today the project got off the ground.  I could not have even begun without the help of my amazing talented husband.  We bought a galvanized pipe for a post and a bell fitting to attach a bicycle hub to the top of the post.  I found the bicycle wheel at the Cracked Pots sale (McMenamins Edgefield) in the Metro Recycle is a very good price.  Scott gave it a good cleaning and greasing, something a new hub probably wouldn't have required.  I think the designing, deciding which item goes where, might be the challenging part but we got a good start today and might be able to finish it up this week. 

I will definitely be posting pictures.  I can already picture it getting a lovely green patina and spinning in the gentle summer breeze.