Friday, November 8, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 8

I had planned on being thankful for dear friends today but it came up that I need to be most thankful today for my husbands mechanical skills and talents.

Since he had to drive the truck to work yesterday (so I could have the car) he took it in to have the tires rotated, the place we bought the tires is near his work.  In the process, they called him out to the shop to show him a couple of problems, front wheel bearings - both sides, and rear brakes.  Yes, just what I wanted to hear.  He ordered the parts today, nearly $700.

So I am thankful, really, for two things.  First, that he can do the labor portion himself.  He'll take part of tomorrow off and do the work at the shop where his tools, jacks, and good lighting will make it easier for him.  Secondly, thankful for the buffer I'd managed to build up again that was able to pay for the parts. 

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