Tuesday, May 24, 2011

June, the wonder month

May has gone by so fast, I can hardly believe it.  I call June "the wonder month" because it keeps you wondering what the weather will be.  It's been such a cool wet spring I just now have my garden planted.  I love June, it's seldom too hot yet has a nice mix of warm sunny days.  Of course more than 20 days of rain will result in a lot of whining from this one.

The apple trees are blooming and I can hear the bees working away.  We have an old hive in one of our firs, so much activity coming and going. 
The flower pots have been planted and I spent part of the morning yesterday convincing a shepherds hook into the gravel so I could hang a basket of wave petunias.  It's a double hook and I have one pot so I'll be off to Wilco for another before it's put to use (maybe tomorrow, I have errands anyway).

Lisa's lovely quilt of beautiful Kaffe fabrics was casting the warmest red glow in my studio.  The flash of my camera made it disappear but the quilt is still lovely.  It's off the frame now and tonite I should be able to finish stitching down the binding.  DWS and stitching, a nice combination.