Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Camelot block #7

I'm not sure if I'm slow, lazy, or just busy with other stuff - likely a combination.  Yes, I was hoping to get this block completed and posted by July 14 but we all know the truth of the happens.

                                                     Now presenting....Camelot block #7

As usual, it's not my favorite.  Outer row triangles could have more contrast...but it's finished, and that matters more.  I have #8 cut out and ready to stitch.  Since I don't want this quilt to take ten more years to complete I will just need to be more diligent.

Now, if I could just figure out how to rotate that photo.  See my cute little travel iron at the top?  I had bought a small iron at a fabric store but just didn't like it.  It was awkward to use, not cooperative when it came to staying in a resting position.  Found this new one, it even has the option of steam which I will likely never use.  It worked great for pressing this block flat...hooray!!!

Happy Quilting!!

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