Sunday, June 15, 2014

Round #5

Just finished the fifth round of my Camelot quilt.  It's slow going, finding time to hand piece isn't easy.  I can hardly believe I only have eleven to go.  Some of them look pretty simple, others, not so much.
As usual, I'm having those "what would I have done differently" conversations with myself.  I'm happy enough with it to be moving on to round six.  The light fabric in the center was a gift from my friend, Nancy.  I call it Toto fabric, not because that's the fabric line but because one of the little motifs in the print looks like it says toto.  I know, just my own little quirky brain at work.


  1. These circles (can't call them blocks) are really looking great! This one especially because of your itsy bitsy Toto fabric. You are to funny!!!!