Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Round #4

This is Round #4 of the Camelot quilt.  As usual, I questioned my fabric choices the whole way through.  Hear the debate in my head:  The gray speckle doesn't have enough contrast...arrghh, I can't believe I tried to fussy cut that bargello print, what was the point? what was I thinking?...and it goes on and on
But guess what??
I really like this round (can't call it a "block" just yet).

Does anyone else have these internal struggles with their fabric selections?  I can't believe I'm alone.

So, here is Round #5, templates made, pieces cut out and first section machine stitched together.  I will be back to hand piecing the rest of it.  I was thinking it would be faster, easier....WRONG!!

At least for me, hand piecing is so much more pleasurable and accurate.  So, at this point I still am happy with my color, contrast, balance of fabric choices here.  I will second guess it before I finish and then love it again when I'm finished....because that's just how it goes.

Happy quilting...Laurel

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  1. Oh my gosh, Second guessing myself all the time. I have to keep telling myself to wait until I get all of the blocks up on the design wall together - because everything seems to gel at that point.
    It looks to me like these blocks are going to make one fantastic quilt!