Monday, May 26, 2014

June's Awesome Beauty!

Yes, it is still May, but this is the amazing red work "Winter Wonderland" quilt brought to me by June Jones that is now complete.  I had so much fun just feather doodling to fill in the open white spaces.

June does beautiful work.  The red work and the piecing were both exquisite.

Closer view:  Just had to fit a few feathers in with the embroidery to tie it all together

This is the second "Winter Wonderland" quilt I've done.  They were each different in the quilting design (though not hugely different) and both beautiful.  I am so pleased with how this one turned out.

It's been a wonderful Memorial Day weekend at home.  My sister and I decorated the cemeteries on Wednesday, family here on Saturday and Sunday.  We so appreciate the service of our military members.

Happy beginning of summer...I hope it brings joy and laughter, great adventures and memories for you all. 

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