Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mid-Valley Quilt Guild show opens tomorrow!!

Quilt show is most fun when you actually volunteer behind the scenes.  Not only do you get to work with a wonderful group of people but you also get to see everything first.  Yesterday was a long day of judging, I did a short stint as a scribe which means listening intently and writing really fast.  Today was set up and hanging.  By 5:00 p.m. everything looked amazing and I was able to walk through and take some pictures without crowds of people to work around.
Only including pictures of my own today.  I named this one "Ah Ha Moment".  My first original design and the title perfectly describes how it felt when I figured out my "formula".  The name may not stick but it was good enough for now.  It took second place in its category.  First place also took Best of Show, Best Hand Applique and Best Machine Quilting.  I'm good with that since I was the one who had quilted it :)

This quilt I named "October Retreat" only because I had made it during our October retreat...original, ha?  It won first place in its category. 
Two days of hard work I'm ready for a break, so I'll just be in the studio quilting tomorrow, switching loads of laundry when I come up to the house, letting the dog run (he'll be happy) and enjoying the awesome spring weather while I try to stay focused on my tasks. 


  1. What do those judges should have received 1st place in all catagories!

  2. They weren't wrong. I entered it in the hand applique category. Michele's applique is FAR superior to mine, I might have to go to remedial applique class. Besides that, I did an awesome job of quilting on her amazing work. Pic's on my flickr page