Monday, April 8, 2013

First four finished!

 Making progress on the Spirit of Sacagawea project, just in time probably for keeping on schedule with doing two per month.   Too many other things going on in April to worry about it too much though.
This is the fourth block, it's called Deer Fern.  It's too late to rethink the idea of using only from my stash and after twelve blocks I hope I'll think they have a certain charm.  Right now I'm just not loving them, likely because I'm far out of my comfort zone in color and style.  I think it's good to move out of the box and have no doubt that in the end I will have learned many new things just for having gone through the process.
This is what really has me excited this week.  I have all the blocks together now, the borders ready to add, and I'm on my own quilting schedule.  Add to that a cancellation at the exact right time so I don't have to feel panicked about getting it done.  Hooray!!

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