Monday, May 14, 2012

Whirlygigs #2 and #3

My friend, Cindy, and I are getting ready to take a load of "stuff" to the Alpine St. Flea Market this coming weekend.  It didn't seem like the time would go so fast when I reserved our spot.  I thought "how long could it take to put together a half dozen whirlygigs?"...I have plenty of materials and quickly discovered that is not the biggest challenge.
The biggest challenge is my learning curve.  In the past two weekends I have learned to restore (grease and adjust) old bike hubs, drill multiple sized holes into all sorts of materials, tighten screws with nuts, use rivets, and use a chop saw.  Since I refused to try welding these projects would not have been possible without my dear husband's help.  I keep thinking there must be an easier way and I am determined to find it. 

A couple of observations: Fittings that screw directly to the bike hub (eliminating the need for welding).  Larger holes in the bike hub that don't need to be drilled out.  Mechanics gloves (for grip and overall less dirt on hands).  I really hate having dirty hands.

So a few more adjustments to these two and making maybe two more, before Saturday...wish me luck.
I love this guy! 

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