Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bad news requires action.

I had a call from a dear friend who recently received a devastating diagnosis.  In the course of the conversation she expressed how she MUST make the most of every moment and was going to spend all the time she possibly could making memories with her family. 

That prompted us to thinking...why do we wait and what are we waiting for?  Making memories isn't about stuff, it's about actions.  Certainly we won't be making a trip to Disneyland with the grand kids but that doesn't prevent us from doing things they aren't likely to forget. 

Here are a few of the components that made up our memorable weekend...
Hand cranking ice cream

Quilt fort on the swing set

Gathering nature goodies


Checking for faeries in the garden

Picking, pitting and making cherry pie

Snuggles and napping with Ratchet
Praying for my friend and committing to making the most of every opportunity to create memories with those we hold near and dear.

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