Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My lucky day!!

Oh my, I just have to share my good fortune.  At our guild meeting there is always a long table in the back of the room where people share what they no longer need.  The variety is incredible.  I'm always searching little bits of textural print scraps or pretty little 'flower garden' prints and such.  Today my sister, JoAnn, and I were searching through the mountain of cast aways (mind you, they are always adding more to the table).  Suddenly, JoAnn handed me a stack of blocks with a giant safety pin in the center.  Wow!  They are gorgeous.  I asked where she found them and she said they had just put them out.  Unbelievable, and I am the lucky keeper of these amazing blocks.
There are eleven in all. 
Lovely double pinks and madder browns.
Hand pieced and lovingly stored.  I do not have any idea who brought these to the table but I want to say THANK YOU!!! They are in grateful hands and will be loved and appreciated.

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