Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seafood Fest!!! Ate too much, laughed too hard.

This event falls under the catagory of "all things good".  For many years, at least five, we've camped together with a group of friends at Barview County Park, just north of Garibaldi, for a weekend of feasting, laughter, walking the beach, and even shopping. 

It all started accidently, that first year some friends had gone clamming at Ft. Stevens and a few of us dropped in just to visit.  A day trip north to Ilwaco and Ocean Park found a few dozen oysters to bring back to the campfire...what an amazing time we had.  That day we decided it had to be an annual party.  The next year we met at Barview.  Our guys went crabbing while the women hit the local fabric store and seafood market (shrimp/scallops/oysters).  My husband found a great recipe for cajun barbecue butter...the beginning of a tradition! Three days of beautiful weather, walks, talks, shops...and the feast.

Our numbers have swelled from those first years.  Last year we had five rv's plus visitors.  This year was much more initimate, just eight of us (four couples).  I started the day planning to document the feast but only twice picked up the camera.  Maybe I'll do better next year.
These are the leftovers...yumm!!!

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